Serrano cured hams

Following our tradition of cold meat production and search for total quality we have our own Jamón Serrano production plant. In our factory, situated in the region of Bierzo, we have been producing different varieties of Serrano ham for many years, following a traditional curing and salting process which at the same time is combined with the most up-to-date techniques and processes. The production is developed in modern, high-technology installations with strict hygiene control and approved by the European Union, with ISO certificate 9001:2000.

The secret of our Serrano hams lies in the selection of the best pigs and the control of their diet, providing us with a fatty ham after a curing process that varies between 15 and 24 months.

The unique microclimate of Bierzo, the industrialized craft and the rigorous health controls are the best guarantee of the quality of our products. It is this level of quality that has allowed us to obtain the certificate of “Guaranteed Traditional Speciality” (GTS) which we currently hold.

All our serrano products bear the exclusive European GUARANTEED TRADITIONAL SPECIALITY "ETG" mark.


Central office
C/ Amnistía Internacional 36
Pol. Ind. Torre Mirona
17190 Salt (Girona)
Tel. (+34) 972 245 747 - (+34) 972 245 711

Pol. Ind. el Bierzo, parcelas 23-57
24570 Torral de los Vados (León)

Aviso legal
Factory and Slaughter house

Plaza José Antonio Escuredo s/n
21290 Jabugo (Huelva)
Tel. (+34) 959 121 009 - (+34) 959 121 286